Single Use Plastics Pledge

Image of single use plastics with caption We've signed the Pledge






The Parish Council has taken the Single Use Plastics Pledge and will, wherever it can, reduce its use of single-use plastics.

Councillors encourage individuals to do whatever they can to reduce single-use plastics. You could:
• carry a shopping bag instead of buying a plastic bag
• carry a re-usable water bottle and refill it
• take a re-usable coffee cup
• say no to plastic straws
• avoid excessive food packaging
• say no to disposable cutlery
• pack your lunch in re-usable containers
• get your milk delivered 
• avoid using microbeads which are mainly found in exfoliating face and body scrubs, shower gels, toothpastes etc.

Welcome to the Cotherstone Parish Council website


Cotherstone Parish Council is aware that the impacts of the current coronarvirus pandemic might be having a detrimental effect on local community and voluntary groups. Whilst the Parish Council resources are quite limited parish councillors are keen to invite local groups to apply for a small grant.

The Council’s Grant Awarding Policy and Application Form can be accessed by clicking on the links below.  (Please ignore the policy references to the October deadline and decision making in March).

APPROVED Grant Awarding Policy

Grant Application Form (PDF)

Grant Application Form (Word)

Given the current circumstances, parish councillors would like to consider awarding grants at its July meeting. Therefore, if you would like to apply, please return the form by Friday 26 June. 



Volunteers in Cotherstone are willing to help with urgent supplies, shopping, collecting medication or by arranging a friendly phone call for anyone self-isolating. 

Call or message any of the following to arrange for free help:

Kelly Green: 07990 885 381

Nichola Swinburn: 07835 757 151

Amanda Sharp: 07775 508 041

Monday 6 April 2020

Durham County Council has produced an information sheet about support (available and needed) in County Durham during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

You can download the 2-page flyer here.

A warm welcome to the Cotherstone Parish Council website.

Cotherstone is a rural village in the beautiful countryside of Teesdale in the rural south-west of County Durham.

The parish lies to the west of Barnard Castle in the Durham Dales at the confluence of the river Tees and Balder, and comprises of the village of Cotherstone and the hamlets of East, and West, Briscoe in the ward of South Baldersdale.

Results of Community Venture Consultation, March 2020

In February 2020 a consultation leaflet, response form and supplementary clarification flyer were delivered to all 294 properties in the parish. By the response deadline of 6 March, 136 responses had been received (a 46% response rate). Thank you to all who took the time to send in your views.

Click here for the results of the consultation.

The Parish Council has decided to explore the use of part of the village hall or part of the Methodist Chapel premises for establishing a temporary/short-term shop to test both the demand for a shop and the supply of volunteers to operate it. The Council will continue to seek help and advice from external sources.