Council Documents

sParish Councils work within a statutory framework and must operate within the law.

The work of Cotherstone Parish Council is governed/influenced by a number of documents, these include:

  • Standing Orders – which determine how meetings of the council are run and decisions are made
    Cotherstone Parish Council Standing Orders (.pdf)
  • Code of Conduct – which sets out the behaviour which is expected of councillors in connection with their office and covers issues such as declaring interests. Cotherstone Parish Council has adopted the County Durham Association of Local Councils (CDALC) template code of conduct for Parish Councils (June 2017)
    CDALC Revised Code of Conduct June 2017
  • Byelaws – Cotherstone Parish Council has a series of bylaws made under section 8(1)(d) of the Local Government Act of 1894 which relate to the village open spaces and common land.
    Parish Council of Cotherstone Byelaws (.pdf)
  • Register of Interests – by law, all councillors are required to provide details of their interest which are available for public inspection.
    Cotherstone Parish Councillors – Declarations of Interests (.pdf)
  • Publication Scheme – this sets out the manner in which the Parish Council will respond to requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act.
  • Dispensations – details of applications for dispensations by councillors to allow them to vote (in specific circumstances) on matters in which they have an interest.
  • Allotments – Cotherstone Parish has two sets of allotments that are for the specific use by parish residents, subject to  waiting list. The Parish Council has a defined set of rules that govern the use of allotments.
    Cotherstone Parish Council Allotment Rules (.pdf)